COVID-19 Update 3.19.2020


Dear valued customers,


Please find the latest update as to important information that has unfolded this week.

It is crucial that we stay unified and positive. Things change on a daily, even hourly basis, and we will make every effort to inform and help navigate this situation day by day.

While we remain optimistic that things will eventually get better, we must also be realistic and understand the magnitude of the situation. All it takes is for one employee to fall ill at a service provider’s facility, and it could temporarily shut them down.

Please find the below relevant events and updates current as of 03/19:

  • Ports – As of 03/19, Houston ports of Barbours Cut and Bayport are CLOSED until further notice. There was a confirmed case of COVID-19 and all vessel, yard, and gate operations will be stopped until further notice.



  • Boarder closings – While the Whitehouse says cargo flow will not be restricted, the U.S. and Canada are restricting flow over the border for non-essential travel. Mexico will ultimately do the same, though it has not been officially announced.


  • Trucking – We receive reports daily from trucking companies stating they are operational. Please note that as in the case with all staffed business, one case of the virus can disrupt operations. Further, as businesses close, airlines and ports operate on decreased staff, and other trickle-down effects unfold, it may delay the trucking flow in the future.


We have also have reports of some carriers prioritizing medical equipment over standard cargo.


  • Air Cargo – Air cargo remains one of the most heavily impacted. Delayed or canceled passenger flights have had a heavy impact. Airlines continue to work on solutions for moving cargo, but rates are fluctuating and increasing. Delta has opened some passenger flights as charters, and air freighters continue to move, but are heavily booked. As of now, we have not had an interruption in our air consolidation, but the situation requires a week by week update.


  • CHB – As of today, 03/19, US Customs has not announced any alteration to inspections or operations. They are accepting and clearing electronic entries. This can change daily depending on the virus spread and staff.


  • FDA – The FDA is suspending all food facility inspections. As of now, cargo inspections in the U.S. will continue, but please stay aware of quickly changing situations such as port closures or virus spread that may impact future inspections.