“I cannot say enough good things about IFF. The communication is top notch, whether I am asking for a budgetary figure or an actual shipment. IFF rates #1 in customer satisfaction. No matter who I am dealing with I am always treated as if I am the most important. Now I don’t even worry about anything that IFF ships to me or ships from me.”

Monique G., Roanoke Cement Company


“The entire staff at IFF has been fantastic. I really can’t say enough about the service level they provide.  It seems now a days customer service is becoming a thing of the past and it’s great to deal with a company that still strives for all out service. Our business can be very reactive and parts are needed on very short deadlines.  IFF has always been able to meet or exceed those deadlines.  I am always able to contact someone and answers to my questions are returned in a timely matter.”

Randy B., Core Autosport


“If we didn’t know better, we would think we are your one and only customer! Thank you for the wonderful support and proactive actions.  We are now gaining more trust from our customers for on time delivery of goods.”

Teresa L., American Cutting Edge


“I met our truck driver at IFF in Atlanta to receive the car, and the process could not have gone more smoothly.  IFF had carefully removed the car from its shipping pallet and wrappings, and had it secured in a separate protected area in their warehouse.  The car was clean and immaculate.  Chris made sure I was satisfied with the condition of the car, and then personally helped my truck driver and me to load the car safely on our trailer.”

Preston C., Calvert Dynamics


“The smoothness of getting through FDA & Customs, I don’t know that I could deal with all of that and appreciate IFF and it’s customer service for facilitating the seamless receipt of my imports.”

Tammy L. J., Spiller


“If you are looking for a responsible and experienced freight forwarding company – go with IFF.”

Andrea O., Spiller


“IFF goes above and beyond at every opportunity given. To us, that makes IFF our partners, not just vendors who execute well. Our success is theirs and vice versa.”

David H., Synertia Partners


“Your service is just great and your response time is amazing.”

Christian S., Wewalka


“IFF Inc. has helped simplify our logistics needs. From warehousing, customs clearance, to forwarding, we trust it will be done right the first time.”

Wes A., Aumund


“MAHA USA couldn’t be in better hands!!!”

Susana F., Maha USA

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